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A Captive Market for Carbon


The concept of Climate Change is indeed big and scary…

Just like Life, Climate Change is complex, confusing, full of surprises, and just like Life (as we know it), too much time spent simply studying and debating all the underlying issues could keep us busy for decades, while “Life” actually passes us by, and our lasting legacy on Earth just becomes entrenched in dirt.

So for the sake of expediency, let’s just take a popular approach to this complex issue and simplify the question to the point where answers become self-evident. Without getting distracted by too much context from the big picture, or recoiling in fear from the dire consequences of ignorance, let’s just go ahead and look at today’s biggest and baddest bogeyman…Carbon Dioxide.

Since there isn’t any real room for serious debate on why our climate is seemingly changing so precipitously fast, we’ll just proceed on the presumption that CO2 is the root cause of all global warming, and consider the potential for innovation in this self-limited space .

First, here’s a quick recap of Carbon Capture and Sequestration/Storage (CCS) if you’d like a short review, before we get into things further below.

One of the best options to curtailing CO2 emisions so far, comes from a Canadian company that is among several that sees an emerging market for CCS.
CO2 Solutions Inc.(CST-V) is unique however, in that it is emulating natural processes in a “Bio-Mimetic” approach to reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from large-scale producers, in anticipation of a strong demand for such technology from Industries the world over. Even though the economic motivations, regulatory processes, and enabling technologies remain very undetermined and cost-prohibitive at this stage, CO2 Solutions has forged ahead and is presenting their technology to Wall Street for the very first time this week (09/09/09), and is seeking the recognition and capitalisation required to take their solutions to the next level.

As part of the “CleanTech Track” at this years Rodman & Renshaw Global Investment Conference, CO2 Solutions presented its enzymatic technology for efficient carbon capture from fossil-fuel fired power generation, and other CO2-intensive industries, to a distinguished group of fellow Green Tech companies and Financiers, including Alan Greenspan – who also provided this years keynote speech.

Make no mistake, this conference is all about the Money.

Based in Quebec City, CO2 Solution Inc. (The Company) has developed a proprietary and patented bio-technological platform for the efficient capture of CO2, since it is the most important greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted from power plants and other large stationary sources of fossil-fuel emissions. The Company’s technology platform exploits the natural power of a bio-catalyst (enzyme) called carbonic anhydrase, which functions within humans and other mammals to manage CO2 during respiration.
What is truly remarkable is that CO2 Solution has successfully adapted the enzyme to function within the rigorous conditions, pervasive contaminants, and hostile temperatures of an industrial environment. Effectively applying a bio-mimetic approach to CO2 capture that is based on millions of years of natural evolution! The Company is now commercializing its technology for coal fired power generation, the oil sands and other CO2-intensive industries where a low-cost capture solution will be absolutely vital to meeting any climate change legislation in a feasable and cost-effective manner.

Obama and Harper
Obama and Harper, getting it on

Most scientists believe that CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas that is the primary contributor to Climate Change. Since 70% of electrical power generation relies on either natural-gas, coal, or oil to produce the electric energy that virtually powers the entire planet, the net effect is that electrical power also generates about 40% of total global CO2 emissions. As this industry begins to face looming taxes, or traded quotas on CO2 emissions, it will soon be an absolute necessity for Energy producers, and a wide variety of other large scale industries to implement CCS technology.

Current technologies using ‘amine’ based solvents are very capital intensive (for both installation, and maintenance), and essentially DOUBLE the cost of electricity production! The enzyme based methods that CO2 Solutions initially developed for the Department of Defense (for use in submarines), currently offers roughly 33% reduction in carbon capture costs, and has already been scaled up to production levels during proof of concept testing at the Alcoa Aluminum smelter in Deschambault QC, and in the Quebec City municipal waste incinerator (where capture rates of 90% were achieved), while successfully maintaining organic enzyme stability under hostile conditions in flue gases contaminated with PCB, SO2, CO, and Nitrous Oxide.
In short, CO2 Solutions offers an enabling technology, that greatly enhances current carbon capture methods, and it has established itself at the ground-floor of this type of technology with several granted and pending patents for the use of enzymatic processes in carbon capture. The company is also looking at a world market that could suddenly become very hot for it’s product and processes, since it’s already in a demonstrated position of leadership for enzymatic carbon capture.

Of course since we’re talking about a market driven approach to correcting Climate Change, we should also keep our eyes on what various Governments will be doing to incent developments in this area, while simultaneously dissuading Industry from emitting carbon dioxide. Such restrictions will likely be implemented in the best way possible by hitting them below their bottom line, either with taxes, or carbon quotas. This in itself is also a very contentious area, and we will follow it closely as it develops further.

Incidentally, for those of you who put your faith in free market systems, after yesterday’s presentation in NewYork CO2 Solution’s penny stock climbed about 6.5% to just over $0.16 but more notably, the trade volume increased to double the daily average in a flurry of activity before the bell rang to close the markets for the day.

The next day the volume was also high, but perhaps some day-trading parasites took their easy 6% and cashed back out right away as, the stock has fallen back to $0.15. It’s reasonable to expect that the serious and institutional investors will be waiting on the sidelines of this exciting penny-stock play until the legislative issues (behind funding, and carbon tax/trade) become more clear, at least to those with access to the backrooms of power.


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