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Sightings Reports

You’ve discovered a Sightings Report category that still hasn’t been used yet !

Sightings Reports serve to gather information from the edges of our networks and perceptions. Feel free to anonymously submit any ideas for new Sightings Reports that you’d like to bring to our attention in the Comments fields below.

If you’d like to submit your own Full Sightings Report, please make sure that you create a WordPress account for yourself (see the “Enlist Now” page for info), and then return here to state your Sighting (+ any perceived consequences) in the Comments field below w/your WordPress credentials.  This will generate a New Report Stub for you to write/edit directly, and assignment of full Contributor privileges to your WP account. Additionally, you’ll be qualified to propose and lead expeditions under all other Mission Categories as well!

Sightings Reports can be filed under:

  • Anomalies (things that just don’t add up, at least not in a linear sense)
  • Natural Phenomena (the Truth will always be far stranger )
  • Distortions (Lies, damned lies, statistics, adn otehr deceptions )
  • Inner Space (personal, meta-physical, spiritual, etc)
  • Near Space ( Everything from Geological to Orbital Space)
  • Deep Space (Cosmology and Astronomy)
  • MicroCosm ( The Worlds within…)
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