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Welcome to IMPACT Reports …

This is where you can alert other Environauts about the perceived consequences and possible Future repercusions to major occurances and events. Impact Reports are usually tied in with larger ongoing Missions, however if you were to make discoveries during your own travels through CyberSpace , you are encouraged to immediately share any consequences you may perceive right here  (either anonymously or  as an Enlisted Environaut) and we will be certain to pick up on your leads…

Submit any ideas for new Impact Reports that you’d like to bring to our attention in the Comments fields below. If you’d like to submit your own Full Report, please make sure that you create a WordPress account for yourself (see the “Enlist Now” page for info), and then state your intent with a summary of your Report below (include and perceived Risks or Rewards) via a comment entered via your WordPress credentials.

From there we will create a Report Stub for you, and assign full Contributor privileges to your WP account, so that you can write/edit your own Report, as well as contribute to any other Mission Categories as well. Once your contribution is confirmed, you’ll you’ll be qualified to propose and lead expeditions under the role of Mission Specialist here at Environauts!

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