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IMPACT REPORT: More Subtle Effects of Global Warming

We all know the Earth is warming, but it’s getting harder to get a clear reading on exactly what the causes and effects are of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) because of all the polarized rhetoric in the Media around the “man-made” aspects of this question. Obviously decisive precautionary actions must be taken to immediately reduce greenhouse gases while we sort out the rest of society’s environmental ills, but what if the Science behind AGW has somehow become too skewed by political or funding pressures? What if the need and desire to create a unified and global movement against Climate Change has now also became a leveraged force that can be managed to produce new political alignments, financial vehicles, and world banking results as well? As Environauts, we can start our search for answers by looking at the Present for signs of possible Futures. Let’s begin the process in Copenhagen.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference has not turned out as well as we might have wished, but there were all sorts of semi-conscious signs to prepare us for the Future. First there were the rumors and fragments of quotes from officials and committee members that either grimly foretold of the dire consequences to any failures in Copenhagen, or otherwise gave us a head start on breaking the ground for future efforts, by preparing the Public with what it should probably expect from Copenhagen, and what could be built upon at subsequent Climate Change conferences instead. At least by softening the blows of harsh realizations, we were able to avoid having our hopes (for a clear and actionable plan from Copenhagen) immediately crushed by what had quickly become more widely perceived as actually being just another step in one of many, MANY more that Humanity would have to trudge through towards a global accord on greenhouse gas (GhG) reductions.

Then, just as the rabid Right-Wing pundits and Climate Skeptics seemed happy to at least let Copenhagen play it’s hand out, (or at least set the tone for future deals), along come the distant flashes of thunderclaps from leaked/hacked documents out of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit. Starting as a shower of speculative interpretations around isolated snippets of stolen (leaked?) emails, the storm quickly grew as we approached the Copenhagen start date, and erupted into a deluge of damning allegations as it became more clear that some sort of statistical and computer data modeling tricks had been employed in order to massage data into producing the desired Global Warming results. Although there have been wild allegations from both sides of this matter, the net effects gave the entire Scientific process behind AGW two enormous black eyes right before the big show in Copenhagen.

Now that the Copenhagen Conference is winding up, large segments of a disheartened (an possibly disinterested) Public have either been so disenfranchised by the public bickering that they aren’t even counting on any major announcements or results from the proceedings, or they were too overwhelmed by the enormous complexity and daunting consequence, that they immediately fell off the fence at the first signs of conflicting interests and failure. Surrounding these lowered expectations, we have ruling factions within American, Canadian, and Australian politics that are clearly not in sync with the current objectives for greenhouse gas reductions, and these political brush-fires are being fanned by a rabid Press Corps that could risk turning on it’s own Masters if it isn’t supplied with adequately positive results and success stories from the proceedings.

otherwise, the Media might become increasingly tempted to consider making better viewership/readership ratings out of the potential meltdown within the current Climate Change Movement, since bad/bleeding news and negative speculations always  seem to be a much better/easier sell at 6 o’clock. Luckily so far, only Fox News is willing to bet it’s journalistic ‘credibility’ on this newly popularized, albeit divisively negative view of Global Warming.

It would be relatively facile, and possibly even entertaining (at least in the very short term) to take recent circumstances and catalyze them with the “ClimateGate” angle, to spin out stories where Governments that were eager to satiate the requirements of their Environmental dossiers, were in fact managed via the all the usual political channels into backing the well organized needs of a Climate Change Movement. A movement that was already highly politicized itself by those few who would seek to create even more laws to govern the behavior of free citizens, and enact the regulations to stifle any Corporate interests that were not aligned with the goals of a higher, more ideologically correct World Order. Essentially, to create a new economy that would greatly benefit those who got in on its ground floor, and hopefully generate positive effects on the Environment as well, of course.

Meanwhile, here in what’s visible and apparent to us as we form and re-form our general Public Opinion, we can still speculate upon extreme views of anything, but what will be most interesting to see is how the underlying Environmental Movement will survive any evolutionary missteps that are taken by the currently dominant Climate Change leaders that appear to have upstaged all other Environmental issues, at least for now in the immediate Present.

What we, as democratically empowered Consumers, should retain from these current events is the real and surviving fact that there are still MANY alternate points of view in this matter. That there are many options that we can still take at a grass-roots level, and that the LAST thing we should do is surrender our personal resolve (in disgust, frustration, or helplessness) and become even more passive, while higher powers decide our fate on a bigger world stage.

Many of the future courses of action that can come from current political processes are at least contentious, if not in fact potentially damaging due to lengthy timelines needed to enact them, and the potentially costly mistakes that can be made if the wrong policies are rubber-stamped according to unquestionable dogma. But the sooner that we’re willing to get back to basics and address the sources of our issues (rather than trying to Cap&Tax the symptoms), the sooner we can get on with building a more sustainable Earth Ecology for all creatures, not just those with well-invested interests. You can consider some of the more positive Future effects of Climate Change issues at by first determining where you stand here in the Present.

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