Enviro-Shock Therapy

Now obviously, that alarming little slice of Totalitarian propaganda (erm, Eco-PR?), was clearly meant to rattle people’s senses, for the sake of spreading online impressions through the social networks. Yet beyond offering cynical people a justification for using terms like “Eco-Nazi”, that ‘ad’ is likely to be also serving a purposeful and ulterior motive as well. Presumably, by helping survey the viral viewership that this ad will surely attract online, this ‘ad’ paves the road for Marketers to gauge how much shock value they can build into to other Eco-Marketing campaigns, much like we’ve already started to see in various Workplace and Children’s Safety messages here in Ontario. This is in reference to ads where graphic violence are used to brutally slam the Viewer with “safety” messages that would have been entirely unacceptable under in any other context, but which are implicitly condoned as being acceptable in these particular cases, since they supposedly serve a “greater public good”…Regardless of their horrific content…

For examples of the kinds of shock advertising that Environmental groups might someday tap into, you’d could take a look at the following spots made by the Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, but PLEASE BE WARNED!
These are GRAPHICALLY DISTURBING video clips that many people would consider highly offensive:
Sous Chef suffers kitchen burns
Construction worker falls from roof
Retail worker falls from ladder
Forklift driver dies in an accident

10:10 Global A Day of Doing

So even though the 10:10 message above isn’t in the Mainstream Media (yet), it is already resting quite heavily on its obvious sense of moral self-rightousness. This in itself should serve as a chance for Environmentalists everywhere to reconsider who and what they truly wish to represented by…

Before you dismiss that notion as trite, please consider that Environmentalism has now taken it’s place as yet another very powerful ‘market force’ to be plied and traded for Political, Social, and Corporate gains. What’s more is if the markets (or ‘demand’ for these products, services, sources) were to go soft (due to apathy, fatigue, or even just oversupply) the stronger advertising methods we’ve seen above are the kind of thing that we would see Marketers resorting to to try and heighten the impact of their message…and at this rate of desensitization it shouldn’t be long before the viewer get weary. Which all begs the question:

Is the Science of Marketing Good for the Environment?

While we give that very generalised concept more thought, perhaps you might want to consider what sorts of negative effects one particular branch of Marketing has been having on the broader scope of Environmentalism. In this case we can see how the increasingly strong methods of modern Public Relations are being applied to Press (or Media) Relations,  are actually starting to create a Public backlash that could in fact hurt the bigger movement itself, id the smaller special interest groups are allowed to run too far with their own limited views on Environmentalism.

Is Eco-Driven PR Turning into Propaganda ?

Is this the sort of fiction that we need to be inured to, in order to advance the cause of Climate Change ?


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