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Starting Conversations with EcoCardz

There’s no end to the added value that can be derived from putting a good ecological spin on products and services these days. If even the dirtiest petrochemical giant can figure out how to greenwash it’s image, then it’s a surefire bet that Governments and Corporations will be riding that bandwagon for as far as they can get it to go. Using whatever fuels and feelgood terminology that can find to sell their image to a Public that is demanding more environmental responsibility. Clearly the movement towards Corporate Sustainability is a Darwinian step in the right direction, and Ontarians are already seeing just how far their own government will push them in the interest of trying to create a Green legacy for themselves…as misguided as it might seem to be at this point. But what about true grassroots change? Where does the average Consumer look to for signs of green growth from small local businesses, and brave entrepreneurs in this evolving market?

One such example is a bold little startup company called EcoCardz.com which is hoping to leverage the longstanding hype of a paperless society at the fist step in most business relationships…The exchange of business cards. By facilitating an electronic link at that level, EcoCardz hopes to not only spare the paper and printing of personal or business cards, but also to use our electronic networks to greater advantage by facilitating those first personal connections between people.

Here’s how…

So it saves abit of paper…So What?

It seems that the beauty of EcoCardz, isn’t just in showing that any business can try to leverage Environmental concerns to gain some traction in the Market, or that every 25,000 EcoCardz used will save a fullgrown tree from harvesting…but rather that a  company that is focused on improving the Mobile phone and computing space, can also have a genuine social conscience, and demonstrate an interest in a greater good being achieved because of Commerce….not in spite of it!

Starting with that first point of contact EcoCardz allows people to either PUSH or PULL their contact info in an easy and seamless way that will start a relationship that can stay in the electronic domain. What they are also selling is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are reducing paper/printing costs, and also contributing some of those savings to some non-descript and generically named “Eco Charity”


So perhaps there’s enough reason to be cynical about small startups as well, when it comes to leveraging the widespread desire for social change, and environmental responsibility. After all, if Royal Dutch Shell Oil can shamelessly associate itself with beautifully animated and colourful images of a vibrant tropical ocean floor, then why shouldn’t a small Mobile Marketing play at least position itself as part of ‘the solution’ as well?

Before we turn a jaded shade of Green, let’s see what else we can turn up about EcoCardz. In the meantime, you might want to take a close look at a much more surreptitious form of Marketing and Mass Control, by considering what some Public Relations professionals are doing to the Future of our Environment as well !

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