A Green God Complex?

God is Dead - Michaelangelo Meets NietzscheFranklin D. Roosevelt once said that “rules are not necessarily sacred, but good principles are.” Unfortunately, there there seems to be a scarcity of good sacred principals available to sustaining Society through difficult times nowadays, which might explain a rise in Fundamentalism (radical or otherwise) as we search for any unassailable principals to rally around as a Society .

What we see instead, is that our greatest temples are built to represent the power of money and commerce, and the graven images of celebrities that we’ve idolized now seem to hold the place of of demi-gods in many people’s lives. Popular as they may be, these cultural icons make rather poor pillars build the Future upon, no matter how well they might reflect our dreams and aspirations today.

When looking for leadership from the more obvious sources, it almost seems strangely naive to suggest that we simply rely on politicians to step up with clear plans. Much less for the ruling Corporate Elite to offer the leadership required to build a sustainable future for Humanity. So where are our guiding principals coming from in cynically post-modern age?

Leadership Vacuum

At this late stage in history, The Law seems best suited to serving the wealthy, and politicians are perceived as figureheads for a democratic system that was long ago adapted to provisioning for powerful interests, rather than serving the needs of the populace. In this modern society, there seem to be precious few ideals and sacred institutions that we can still fall back upon to derive comfort and security in a fast changing world.

A world where Nature was once an all consuming power that we merely survived within as a fledgling species, and which then became a raw resource to be exploited via Technology and Commerce, and which is now being characterized as an endangered Environment. Besieged and destructively consumed by the ravenous appetites of Humanity and disembodied Corporate greed.

Of course, Nature remains all-powerful. It’s never actually become subservient to Humans, much less in need of our help. Inevitably it will simply put our overgrown species back into it’s proper perspective if it deems fit, and the circle of Life will continue without us in some new, and possibly unimaginable form if nescesary. By virtue of our Sun’s energy, Nature is indeed the most powerful force in our Universe, so it stands to reason that whoever can best represent this awesome force, would become powerful by proxy.
No? Not yet?

If so, then the only remaining question is…
If we can indeed save ourselves from ourselves, who do we trust to lead us towards such self-realizations in a godless world?

The God Complex

God is Dead - Michaelangelo Meets Nietzsche

It now seems, that to various degrees, we all suffer a subtle delusion that we are the god-appointed stewards of Nature. That Nature somehow needs us to take care of it in order for us to all survive in Life as as we know it. The interesting thing is that this semi-deluded need has come to represent a human desire, and therefore a Marketable demand, as well. Collectively we’ve been looking to satisfy this desire through the various organizations that seek to protect Nature from it’s higher Masters, who are now personified as evil Corporations or corrupt bureaucracies that appear to hold the rights to exploit Nature at all reasonable costs. When in fact we too easily forget that it’s OURSELVES as CONSUMERS who collectively hold the reigns to driving the various markets, and even the Economy as a whole!

Personal Green Leadership

So rather than trying to draw vicarious satisfaction from the publicity stunts of Eco-warriors, or writing blank checks for the leaders of the Green Movement, perhaps we could also develop a more personal form of faith. Starting by looking at what fuels our own desires. Then recognizing the forces that seek to promote and exploit those human traits, so that we might eliminate their effects from the base of the power pyramid…Rather than displacing personal responsibilities onto our notions of “Leadership”….Green, or otherwise.

Such an evolution of the free-market system isn’t as easy to enact as it is to simply express, and requires a self-awareness of the forces that manipulate the markets. Clearly, the Mainstream Media and Entertainment Giants certainly aren’t going to step up to guide us along such a path to greater awareness of course.

As a result, the Green Movement itself has been presented (by default?) as the last system of thought to stand up for our collective and sacred ideals. Yet this powerful designation puts such earthly organizations in a dangerous position if they see themselves as being above reproach, or cannot also be criticized for their often dogmatic approach. In essence, ‘critique’ is essential to assuring quality, and without that basic check, there’s little chance of balancing and optimizing the Green Movement beyond it’s current political and philosophical stances…Some of which have been entrenched for a long time now.

God is Dead - Michaelangelo Meets Nietzsche

So…How does a Green Movement Evolve ?

So, while we determine ways to take a more fully active role in this ourselves if we’re going to proceed on such a premise that we can indeed elevate leaders of a Green Movement to act in our collective best interests as watchdogs (if not the Stewards) of our planet…Perhaps we need to re-consider where this God Complex came from to begin with…Perhaps by referring back to the fellow who first pointed out the circumstances and consequences of one of the greatest crime scenes in Human History !

Let’s Look at the Aftermath of Killing Our Gods by CLICKING HERE !

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