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Personal Green Leadership

Al Gore Eco Profit In drastic times, many societies throughout history have seemingly just handed over the reigns of their authority to those few who can best communicate a popular and compelling vision of radical yet necessary change. In modern times, we wonder how we can avoid repeating the mistakes of both Fascism and Partisan politics when empowering a changes of regime, without sacrificing our personal liberties?  More precisely, how can the aging methods (and myths?) of Populist Democracy address the formidable and looming risks ecological disaster, and the unparalleled challenges of engaging in Global actions, all without backsliding into another rise in Totalitarian power. Who’s compelling messages and methods that have so often provided us clear social vision and decisive actions in the Past?

First Things First…

In these persistently troubled times, when the prospect of Global Warming seems to have taken a back seat to the more pressing Global Economic Recovery, the concept of a socio-economic collapse isn’t nearly as preposterous as it once was. Instead, we’re now faced by a wide array of daunting challenges, yet still exciting opportunities for genuine change. Challenges that could indeed serve to unite us all in our common causes. Creating compelling imperatives for ourselves to focus even our smallest efforts in order to avert an environmental tailspin.

Since preserving the Old Economy has clearly taken precedence over building a more sustainable new model, what fate awaits us at our current and growing rates of consumption? Are we still looking to our political leaders to communicate a vision of the Future, or are we ready to consider a new market driven economy that isn’t going to be promoted and publicised via Corporate Mainstream Media?

In terms of personal responsibilities, this is no time to sit back and hope that our Leaders take actions on our behalf. Instead, let’s look at the social changes that are in motion that can, and would indeed sustain us past this point in history…

Doing vs. Delegating

Rather than trying to draw vicarious satisfaction from the publicity stunts of Eco-warriors, or writing blank checks for the politicized leaders of the Green Movement, perhaps we can start with a more personal form of faith. Starting by looking at what fuels our own desires. Then recognizing the forces that seek to promote and exploit those human traits, so that we might eliminate their effects from the base of the power pyramid…Rather than displacing personal responsibilities onto our notions of “Leadership”….Green, or otherwise.

Free Market Democracy

Such an evolution of the free-market system is much easier to express in mre words, than it is to enact with concrete actions. First, it requires a clear sense of one’s own personal part in enabling the forces that manipulate the markets. This type of self-awareness is rarely part of the larger plans to support Consumerism in a free-market society. Evidently, the Mainstream Media and Entertainment Giants aren’t going to step up and guide us along such a path to greater awareness either, of course.

Free Market Madness

As a result, the Green Movement itself has been presented (by default?) as the last system of thought to stand up for our collective and sacred ideals. Yet this powerful designation puts such earth-bound organizations in a dangerous position, if they see themselves as being above reproach, or critiqued for theri often dogmatic approach. In essence, ‘critique’ is essential to assuring quality, and without that basic check, there’s little chance of balancing and optimizing the Green Movement beyond it’s current political and philosophical stances…Some of which have been entrenched for a long time now.

God is Dead - Michaelangelo Meets Nietzsche

So…How does a Green Movement Evolve ?

So…Can we still proceed on the current trend of elevating leaders of our Green Movements to be the appointed stewards of our planet, on our behalf? At least until we can determine how to take a more fully active and engaged role in this process ourselves? Perhaps we need to first consider what kinds of leadership we both desire and deserve…and how it needs to break from the old paradigms of a World where Man was granted dominion over it by our own “God Complex”!

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