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Green Power

Save the Planet - Trust FascismAccording to whatever prevailing wisdom there is to underpin politically correct postures, there’s apparently no such thing as an “Anti-Environmentalist” who can actually act with a good social conscience. This makes it nearly impossible to offer a critical counterpoint to so-called leaders of the Green Movement and their policies, without presenting oneself as some sort of anti-social monster, or without at least self-denigrating oneself in public at the very least…If not being discredited by peers, and ostracized entirely as many climate scientists would liekly attest…If given the chance.

So even thought the Green or Ecological  Movement had clearly seized the moral high-ground decades ago, and has held it (on our behalf) ever since then, we’re now also seeing growing signs of fatigue in both the ideology and methods used by the leading factions of this movement. Signs that the old guard is starting waver, and that a modern Ecological Movement is indeed capable of evolving to meet modern challenges and opportunities. Maybe.

Alarmists Don’t Have the Answers…

The self-evident truth is that Humanity could certainly be the cause of it’s own demise, and there are still no immediately applicable alternatives that can genuinely change the way we transport, cool, heat and supply out entire race.

Another obvious truth is that so called “solutions” are rarely found in a climate of panic and fear, where in a true crisis, it’s almost always the cooler heads that prevail. So why is it that we see so many factions within the Green Movement stooping to employ basic scare tactics in a bid to to shock us into accepting what’s all too often an already over-recycled base message to begin with?  Those who’d seek to maintain such an alarming level of public awareness in the Post-Copenhagen view of Climate Change are obviously thrashing against the prevailing current, and overlooking a few basic points about human nature.

Reality Bites

In a world that’s now engulfed in it’s more more immediately pressing economic woes, there’s a real risk that the Public could simply become desensitized to the the looming prospects of ecological disaster as well.

Perhaps Environmentalists have been sheltered from the needs of worldly pragmatism by their lofty ethical positions for so long, that the popular movement itself needs to be reinvigorated from a more grass-roots level. One where the Consumer can be empowered with the knowledge that the Mainstream Media is indeed serving the old guard, and that the Revolution will certainly not be televised, as we’ve already begun to see for ourselves.

Rather than relying on the institutionalized ideals of Broadcast Media, perhaps the basic message that needs to be spread is that powerful PR machines continue to represent both Corporate interests, as well as the deeply entrenched views of large Environmental Groups. Both of which seek to gain public favour by spreading a message for ecological change, and both of which continue to employ outdated methods and messages, while holding onto what are possibly dangerously historical positions as well.  For a superb example of this, we need look no further than the biggest ecological hot-potato of all time…

…Nuclear Energy.

Of course there will always be rigid, linear thinkers who are threatened by anything that might require them to at least consider alternative points of view. Such perceived threats can always be dismissed with a canard or red herring, or in this case to simply claim that all the Patrick Moore’s of the world have been bought out by Corporate interests. But the truth is far more complex of course, and it’s the courage required to be independent thinkers that we now all need to save our Environment, not the false satisfactions of a self-righteous and immovable position. Nuclear might not be the final answer, but rigid dogma and egotistical zealotry is definitely not the solution either.

So apparently there have indeed been alternate modes of thinking being suppressed within the Green Movement which are only recently gaining more exposure, outside the phenomenal PR power of “Environmentalism” as we’ve known it. The Green movement has held sway in various forms for decades now which makes it it’s hard to determine if and where things started to veer away from the original pragmatic necessity to safeguard our Environment from the powers that be, and swerve into the murkier waters of dogmatic doctrine even for this most noble of pursuits.

Al Gore's Green Police Need You !

If institutionalised group-think, and inflexible historical positions can also be seen as risks to the Environment, then perhaps the Green Movement itself can be stimulated to evolve into a post-modern era. The scare tactics of emotionalizing issues via powerful PR methods have certainly served their purpose to raise awareness during the central Broadcast era of Mass-Media, but surely we can all agree that what’s best for our environment is for us all to continue evolving beyond our more primitive roots, and avoid our own self-extincting forces. Hopefully, the Green Movement is in touch with the changing market desires, and can learn to satisfy these for a greater good as well.

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