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So…Who’s to Blame for Higher Energy Costs

Someday people will look back and wonder what could have possibly been the causes for such unprecedented increases in electrical costs on the average Ontarian – all without there being any truly impressive expansions in infrastructure or generating capacity to show for it all. The groundswell of grumblings from ratepayers has already become loud and clear as people are starting to demand reasons for our seemingly hyper-inflationary energy market. At the very least, are expecting some clarified views of any long-term benefits that might come from this short term pain. Otherwise, this information vacuum could really start to seriously damage our social structure and erode our trust in elected officials to not simply hoodwink an entire energy market with shallow short-term promises, and gouging new long-term rates.

Astoundingly, the Government continues falling well short of the mark in their communications efforts, seemingly without any thought for the political consequences.

Unfortunately this superficial approach leaves the electorate to slowly succumb to all sorts of nagging doubts. The most obvious one being that these mounting energy costs could have somehow been better managed by indentured public servants who remain immune to the negative and corrective effects of a truly free-market system. Or that bloated bureaucratic and political posturing has likely also created added costs that have simply been passed down onto the backs of ratepayers.

You can share your own thoughts, and add some new answers in in a quick survey below…Or just consider what others have been thinking and saying to date.

Poling the Electrorate

Our survey below let’s you register your opinions, and also add your own thoughts or suggestions (either within the poll and/or in the Comments section) and track the results as we expand the range of reasons according to your feedback. You could also ponder the governments reasoning for raising rates once you receive their printed propaganda on the subject sometime later this month…but who wants to wait that long for information?

Be warned though…It might be dangerous to start taking the same dim view of power bills as we do of our taxes though. Especially after seeing that the current Liberal government is willing to spend a million dollars just to send pamphlets around to explain why they’ve raised out power costs so high…Despite the fact that most of these pamphlets will simply be treated like one-sided government double-talk, or simply tossed back into a bin for a return trip to a recycling plant.

In an age when electronic networks and social media are reaching far more people than ever, and newspapers can still spread stories far better than government publications ever could, it’s abit astounding that a government would try to defend it’s expensive decisions, and the resulting costs to ratepayers, by wasting even more money on printing and shipping of junkmail to us, that we didn’t even ask for to begin with.

Maybe we can start by assembling some better reasons below:

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  1. Missy
    16/02/2011 at 2:47 PM

    Very well written. Thx for the poll opportunity.
    I don’t think this page is getting enough exposure tho…

  2. 16/02/2011 at 7:38 PM

    Very much ablidged to ya ‘Missy’ ;-]

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