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The End is Nigh…

Recent pronouncements by such self-imagined luminaries as George Lucas have certainly stolen abit of Mayan thunder from the ancient Gods with their psuedo-prophetic pronouncements that the Winter Solstice of 2012 would be the last one that we’d ever get to enjoy…Before the world (as we know it) begins it’s inexorable slide back non-human nothingness. Yet despite the scoffs and jeers of many jaded media consumers, who easily brush off such well-promoted mania as just so much movie-making pre-publicity, it’s alot harder to ignore the reality of things when notable scholars and men of social convictions such as Noam Chomsky start to mark out the signs of an early exit from this great big theater that we all know and love as our Modern Human Condition.

Unfortunately Chomsky doesn’t have anywhere near the same reach that Lucas does – at least not where it comes to promoting himself via the publicity machines that propel so much of the entertainment world to greater heights and lows. So everyone is left to collectively  seek out such wisdom independently, and share the results from a more grassroots level for observing and reacting to any sudden sea-changes.

Even though religious zealots and doomsday crackpots have been calling the masses to their knees in repentance for many, many centuries now…It’s hard not to think that now in these latter days, that there might be something truly pre-eminent about our current conundrums.

In a recent interview with The Nation and On Earth Productions, we see Professor Noam Chomsky speaking to us as a humble yet highly regarded statesman for Humanity, though without nearly the same market reach and popular apeal as Lucas. Yet rather than stirring up interest in the celebrity news, Chomsky simply asks us to consider the practical effects of a “peak oil society” combined with a new Republican Congress that seems vehemently in denial of the Climate Change models that would most CERTAINLY require deep-rooted changes to our economies and consumption patterns.

Rather than presenting us with an action adventure plot derived from the myths of an ancient civilization, Chomsky is simply asking us to give our future as a species at least one more good hard look as this modern story unfolds itself. That is, before we start considering the possibility that there’ll be no Hollywood ending to save us from the consequences of Reality, if in fact we continue scripting ourselves into a corner by burning down the Paradise we’ve been blessed with.

Though George Lucas is stealing the last page of the Mayan calander to make his splashy quotable statements about when the world will end, Chomsky is using his sense of longer socio-economic and political processes to mark out where the end of the world may well have begun.

2010: Beginning of the End?




  1. Tina
    25/03/2011 at 12:28 PM

    Did you mean 2012 instead of 2112 in the opening statement

    • 25/03/2011 at 12:54 PM

      Yep…I did…Thanks for catching that!
      I must have been having a ‘Rush’ flashback or something 😉

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