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Conservation: A Promissory Note?

So…After having to endure so much more global ennui this past month, EnviroNauts are going to try and take a more local approach to plotting-out sustainable Futures for ourselves…

Earth Hour 2011
Earth Hour 2011

March 26th saw Earth Hour come and go here in Toronto, and astoundingly for a city so bent on demonstrating its political correctness,  the initial visibility enjoyed by this annual event is showing signs of flickering right out.

What started as an easy way to for armchair environmentalists and idealists of all types to make a token, yet satisfyingly visible gesture about kicking their energy habits (even just for an hour) has now seemingly fallen right off the radar for most people…at least for this year anyhow. See pics below;

An Anti-Nuclear Renaissance?

Ironically, while there’s been a decidedly opportunistic renewal of interest in the popular oppositions to nuclear energy after the Japanese  disaster, we’ve seen very little in the way of actual movements towards the conservation and responsible behaviour that would be required to curtail our reliance on nuclear energy here in Ontario, and the GTA in particular. So what’s it going to be?

  • More of Pollyanna’s postures?
  • Some harder and more actionable stances?
  • How about some simple suggestive observations first…

Perhaps we should start by considering some grass-roots solutions that start closer to home. Certainly consider what can be shown in the here and now, before simply surrendering more public opinion to anti-nuclear zealots who can prey on people’s fears of an unknown future and our many points of confusion around such very complex subject. Trading hopeful projections of for Renewables, while possibly distorting the future course of truly sustainable energy production in this province.

What of Conservation First?

According to Toronto Hydro, energy consumption between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. on April/26 dropped 115 megawatts.
That sounds okay — until you compare the savings to past efforts. Last year, which we also deemed a disappointment, witnessed a decrease of 296 megawatts. Thinking in percentages, that’s about a 10 per cent savings, while 2011 was a little less than half that. In 2009, on the other hand, the city experienced about a 15 per cent decrease in energy consumption.

So why are fewer people seeming to care enough to make a 1 hr. donation of energy free time?

  • Lack of Publicity?
  • Lack of Will or Desire?
  • Lack of Consequence?

Don’t count on the Mainstream to lead the way…

Conservation isn’t some sort of cheque or promisory note that we make to the Future. Or just an event-driven photo-op that the Media can just move on from – in the next news cycle.

The results of this year’s Earth Hour could have been presented as a wakeup call for complacency, and used to springboard into more concerted and conservations for the fast approaching Earth Day...

Instead we’re left to decide for ourselves, among our own social circles, about why Earth Hour seems to be off the rails, and how we can change this situation ourselves….at a personal level. Where it matter most.

It probably starts with taking a second look at some the basic things that we can accomplish through Conservation – in time for Earth Day.

Rather than letting the politics and business of sustainable and renewable energy get hijacked by politicians and Eco-PR experts to serve the limited outlook of serving  special interests; filling broadcast time one day a year.

Where were you when the lights went out ?

Earth Hour 2010
Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2009 :

Earth Hour 2009
Earth Hour 2009





Awsome bit of cycling infrastructure


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