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AECL: Don’t Sell It Short!

 In his last State Of The Union address, Barack Obama repeatedly emphasized the critical need for America to do what it does best and inspire the world with bold ideas and innovations. Not only to invigorate existing industries and the domestic economy, but also to lead the rest of the world into new phases of growth and prosperity. Meanwhile here in Canada, we’ve long claimed to no longer be just a source of primary resources, but rather a knowledge and technology based economy that can claim leadership in such progressive fields as communications, aerospace, and biotech. Yet these claims of leadership need to be supported in order to remain true. Take for example the leadership demonstrated by Canada in supplying medical isotopes to the world, and providing the planet’s safest nuclear powerplants with the world famous CANDU reactors. This isn’t just some historical reference though or a legacy technology, but rather one that is poised to lead an entire industry into the future as well…If it can first survive the short-sighted dangers of politics.

State of the Nation

In yet a myopic political move, this version of the  (seemingly not so Progressive) Conservative party is at risk of going down in history for the second time as a killer of Canadian innovation – just as it did with the infamous Avro Arrow . This time, the national disgrace will be in selling off the crown corporation that is behind Canada’s home grown nuclear technology, and risking Canada’s future as a independently nuclear-powered nation and world-leaders in safe, secure, and clean atomic energy sources

Not many people in the Press or the Public seems to be taking great notice of the mounting objections from industrial figures and the outcry among industry experts that the AECL should not be sold. Certainly not at current fire sale prices in a buyers market for (post-Fukushima) nuclear assets. Most especially when the future benefits of nuclear development are factored in as they could continue to accrue for all Canadians.

The Thorium Question

In July 2009, AECL signed an agreement with China’s Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, China North Nuclear Fuel Corporation and Nuclear Power Institute of China, to co-operate in assessing the commercial and technical feasibility of using thorium fuel in Candu reactors.

The results were extremely positive.

An expert panel appointed by the China National Nuclear Corporation concluded that Candu technology is the ideal reactor design to further China’s nuclear power program using thorium. The panel also noted the ability of Candu reactors to reuse uranium recycled from light water reactor fuel, and unanimously recommended that China consider building two new Candu units to take advantage of alternative fuel usage.

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Feds need to take nuclear power seriously
– Owen Sound Sun Times – May 25, 2011

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