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How to Collect Free Energy from Radio Waves and TV Towers

Here’s a quick view of a very small-scale proof-of-concept that shows how the energy of radio waves (EM) can be harvested from a simple antenna. So what else could be possible, if we start with this simple premise? In a world built on Tesla’s AC, is there still a possibility of realising his much greater dreams and visions of Free Energy? This little proof of concept points to a way of thinking about power that breaks down our bonds to chemical energy and slavery to fossil-fuels and electrical grids.

Possible Points to Consider:

  • Why not start by trickle-charging a spare laptop battery, with an off-the-shelf circuit to begin?
  • What are the chances of frying this circuit with a lightning strike though…If the capacitors aren’t big enough to store that as well!
  • How much more energy could be collected with a larger antenna arrays?
  • What if the metallic frames of solar panels could be specified to lengths that acted as highly resonant (pre-tuned) EM antennas as well?
  • Are there any larger steel structures who’s conductive lengths match up with radio frequencies that can be tapped for added energy?
  • Most importantly…Can this idea be tied into Tesla’s experiments at Shoreham, Long Island and Wardenclyffe?
  • Anybody want to consider tapping into the Quantum Jiggle as well?

    Or are the energies from radio broadcasts mere child’s play compared to Tesla’s experiments with the low-frequency energies of the magnetosphere flowing back through the Earth?

Tesla Wardenclyffe

“Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.” —Nikola Tesla

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