Quickly  AND  Easily!

Unlike being an Astronaut, you don’t need to be a pilot,  scientist, doctor, or even be that good at math to join us! All you need is :

  1. The willingness to maintain contact with us over time, as we collectively move into the Future
  2. A burning curiosity to learn more about any exciting new developments that can impact our Future Environment
  3. A desire to share what you learn with others, and inspire Change

The steps to becoming an entry level Environaut are equally simple, and described in detail further below if you wish.

  1. Subscribe to our ‘Signals” (via right-side & described below)
  2. Explore our Missions for ideas that are of personal interest to you
  3. Share your research & opinions with others in your Network Space

Before proceeding with your first explorations, please be certain that you sync-up to one of our Signaling Methods (right side) in order to maintain contact as we move into the Future. By staying tuned in to our “Signals” you’ll be provided with alerts to emerging events and issues, a deeper understanding of environmental complexities, easily digested and sharable  information that can affect the future of our Environment.

The simplest, safest, and EASIEST way to lock onto our signal is to simply “Sync-Up” with us via email (right-hand column) with an ideal email address that you will entrust to WordPress (only!) for periodic alerts and updates…We love WordPress, and wish everyone else did to!

You can also easily Follow Us on Twitter if possible: me on Twitter!

If you prefer to use RSS then simply subscribe using your favorite Reader like Yahoo, Google, Live Bookmarks, or Bloglines

Just click on the link in the right-side, or right here > > > > > > > > >

WARNING: Twitter and RSS  might be the simplest, but they do require you to manually track our signal via a dedicated 3rd party site. In the case of RSS, our notifications won’t be as easily shared with others without copy/pasting contents of the RSS feed.

Another great way to maintain contact, and be alerted of ongoing Change is also through our trusted friends here at WordPress. To assure the strongest signal from us (and participate directly the the expanded Roles we offer) quickly create a WordPress account (and get a free Blog also!) just pick your Username and enter an email address via WP’s quick signup page here

If you’d like subscribe via email, but wish to proxy our notices through a third-party email address, then Google and Yahoo are both great sources of free and secure email if you’re not ready to monitor our activities directly using your primary address.

In the meantime, rest assured that the addy you provide will NEVER be used for anything but notifications about Environauts, and WordPress will make it very easy for you to manage your subscription to this or any other WPress blog that you may wish to follow as well.

If you wish to participate more directly in our Missions, (or propose one of your own!) please also consider your available future Roles.

So don’t Delay – Sync-Up Today !

Follow me on Twitter!

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