Basic Training

Thanks for considering the benefits of becoming an Environaut…

Here’s some “Basic Training” if you’d like to get a quick sense of things.

If you’d prefer to just fast-track your participation, just choose one of the initial  methods for keeping in contact on the right-side, and then start browsing for a Mission or a Report that you might wish to either contribute to, or share with someone else, via the available social networking tools.

Otherwise the following steps will get you right up to speed on what you can aspire to as a budding Environaut…and of course what we hope to accomplish collectively.

FIRST: We’ll definitely need to keep in contact.

This is important because we intend to earn your trust, by providing you quality insights into all the factors that impact upon Environmental issues. Also earning trust by only using your email address to send you periodic updates (via WordPress) of any new categorical Reports or Missions that we conduct, and NOTHING else.  The “Join Us” widget (right side) offers you a quick and easy way to receive email updates, and keep an eye open for any good issues that you’d like to followup on here on the site.  By enlisting via one of our other optional notification methods ( Either HERE or in the right-side margin), you will be able to monitor our activities either via  RSS, or you can also follow along via Twitter for realitime updates.

Rest assured that we’ll soon add a much wider range of Social Networking tools for you as well, and in the meantime we’re very eager to hear your feedback on any aspect of the progressive Communications that we’re hoping to develop.

THEN: You can browse both our Reports or Mission categories, and once you find a subject that you’d like to participate in you’ll have 2 options.

1: Choose a Mission, and survey it’s issues to become a ‘Payload Specialist’.
Start by reviewing our Featured Mission, or any of our many ongoing or planned Mission Categories (either via Mission Control or in the drop-down menu in right hand margin). You’ll notice that any Mission that is currently showing the number “1” beside it is actually still in the planning phase. This is where you can suggest details for the forthcoming Mission Profile by going to “Mission Profiles” and entering your feedback under ‘Comments’ section of the primary “Mission Category”

2: Your second option is to submit a Report of any Environmental anomalies or new technical or social developments that you wish to explore along with other Environauts.  For example, if you’ve witnessed, or wish to comment on any Environmental news, technical developments, or any other scientific developments, your fellow Environauts are ready and eager to support your research if you wish to advance to the role of’ Mission Specialist’…Although this will require a proper WordPRess account for you to proceed.

There’s no immediate need to create a WP account. If you wish contribute anonymously in our Comments fields you can do so immediately, without further ado, but please be certain to at least Enlist yourself (to the right) for future updates!


If you are Enlisted and safely subscibed to our signal feeds for Reports and Mission updates, you can proceed to the most critical aspect of any Mission…This is where Environauts can actually make an impact on the World around them with the information that they discover here…and on some infinitesimally small/quantum level, actually change the course of History!


This is where you tell Others about what you’ve been learning yourself and from other Environauts. We will also have ongoing training available in the Tools & Tech section (ie. social-networking, media literacy/advocacy, activism, market influence, etc ) over in the “Mission Control” section as we move forward…

Well that’s it for Basic Training. From here, you can either go through an optional though lengthy Orientation process that reviews all the History and Metaphysical deductions that have led us to create this Environauts concept…Otherwise you can start reviewing REPORTS, or just slide right in though Mission Control once you’ve quickly Enlisted yourself (to the right)

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