Environauts are explorers who travel through Cyberspace, and are modeled after the ideals of Astronauts who enable the exploration of Time/Space.

Although select Astronauts may travel through (orbital) Space, their greatest achievements are in fact in advancing the future of Science and Technology here on Earth, both through their work/research in orbital Space, and also in how they represent their Space Missions to the Public. You see, Astronauts aren’t just Pilots or Mission/Payload Specialists, they’re also very busy Public Relations tools for their respective Space Programs!

As a prospective Environaut yourself, you’ll most likely never go up into Space, but you can most certainly have an impact here on Earth as well…in the ‘Cyber-Space’ that we are currently exploring and constantly developing to great depths and lengths.

Through the awesome reach of Network Technology, Environauts are enabled to greatly collapse time and space in order to travel great distances with enourmous loads of information. These selected ‘Payloads’ may possibly affect the course of History in a variety of ways…Or at least influence others in a collective ‘butterfly effect’.

In the quantum nature of perceived Reality, every little event (or non-event) can have VERY far-reaching effects, especcially if it impacts a critical area of a timeline that is already highly charged with possibilities, and primed for great changes by so many critically poised pre-conditions!

You know…
Such like those conditions that exist just before a lightening storm, or at a tipping point in a game, or in battle, or even the history of a nation…or dare we state…in the fate of an entire Species!

Now is certainly one of those times in History where a great deal of fragile events hang in the balance, yet we are so saturated with Corporately driven News and Info-Tainment that we can scarcely grasp the true nature of our Time any longer. If you choose to enlist with Environauts, we will certainly keep you updated with many such critical masses and tipping points. In the meantime, simplyt rest assured that there are great issues being decided today that will have very far reaching effects…Do you wish to consider what influence you could personally have on them?

One of the many things that YOU can do to participate in shaping the Future is learning about the many exciting new developments in critical areas of Human Development, or perhaps in discovering and reporting the risks that others might wish to supress, in order to maintain the environmental ‘status quo’. Or perhaps you are well networked, and wish to share what you’ve learned in the most efficiently beneficial and far reaching way possible.

Like all the other domino effects that are scattered throughout History, we can all use the power of our Social Networks to spread words and ideas that can CERTAINLY change the shape of the Future…Truly!

The trick here is to discover the hidden information and value that is either being overlooked by the average Consumer/Producer, or is just not readily available (yet), and then find a new way to share it with others…for the good of everyone!

If you feel that you’re ready to look at brave new wonders and proceed into the Future…Simply click here to Join Us (subscribe) and start browsing various Missions, otherwise you can proceed to a quick round of Basic Training first.

If you have already seen something that you wish to bring to our immediate attention, you can also submit a Report promptly once you’ve joined us.

“The present is theirs;
the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”

– Nikolai Tesla

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