Roles & Responsabilities


First time Vistitors to Environauts can simply subscribe to one of our signal feeds (right side), and then immediately begin reviewing the Mission categories for items of interest. We hope you enjoy the results, and share them with others.

Like any good Astronauts, all Environauts are also very pleased to share the public results of their work with Visitors everywhere in Cyber-Space. You are free to review our Featured Mission, or any other developing Missions (right side), please assure that we can maintain contact with you in the Future as well by considering the methods we’ve made available for you to Join Us. Of course, if you wish to immediately begin taking a more active role as an Environaut (described below), please SHARE any research or opinions that you gather or derive from here in the meantime…Either through the Comments sections, your own personal methods, or through the tools and vehicles available to you here as a Relayer


Environauts and Visitors alike are equally able to review Mission and Report details, and use any of the Cyber-Space exploration vehicles and tools that we’ll make available on each page, in order to ‘Relay’ ideas and information forward through your own timelines, whether that be through your RealSpace, or even more extensively right here in CyberSpace.  Relayers can consider various motivators and innovations, or even submit improved methods and channels via the RELAY STATION.


As you become an more active Environaut, you’re also encouraged to consider the future repercussions of events and ideas that you discover elsewhere.  We hope you’ll share your discoveries by submiting Reports and that briefly describe any consequential developments or news that you’ve seen anywhere in the Present (or near Future) via the Reporting Station. An excellent way to develop any the Future options for our Environment is to become a Payload Specialist

Payload Specialists

Environauts who have taken a keen interest in Relaying any of our various Missions and Reports are qualified to contribute directly to our Missions via their WordPress credentials. New Payload Specialists are encouraged to formally Join Us and provided with entry access and support for their personal interests, as well as the tools and information necessary to proliferate their discoveries and conclusions to others throughout CyberSpace.

Mission Specialists

Fully Enlisted Environauts who have demonstrated their abilities as Payload Specialists, are offered upgraded (WordPress) credentials at which will then enable them to independently prepare, launch and operate their very own categorical Missions into the Future…

Be sure to “SHARE” any ideas you have by searching for your favorite Social App, or by Re-Tweeting below:

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