Discover portals to alternate Futures…
…Taking shape from Present possibilities

Our “Missions” offer you free inspirations via information! Enabling you to represent the cutting edge of Environmental possibilities by marking out your personal impressions of illuminated and compelling plausibilities. Enhancing your visibility of alternate routes, and allowing you to chart and share your personal choices and courses to some of our possible Future destinations.  Inciting additional chances for positive Environmental Change occur within chaos, even as the possibilities are still just taking shape!

Have you detected any positive growth,
or negative mutations ?

Environauts are self-enabled transducers of personalized, and self-activated ideas. Relayers of their refreshed perspectives, and pre-visualized possibilities. Reporters of any dangerous risks and aberrations that they discover. All while cultivating the shared ideas and ideals that remain un-explored, and all around us, in a re-discoverable World. Collectively refreshing our collective views of countless possible new Environments.

How can alternate-Environments become real?

Nothing’s for certain (but change) yet by collectively adopting, fostering, and personally optimizing new insights into our many Futures, and then selectively enabling them through widened distribution, Environauts contribute to the possibility of actualizing positive Change through the enormous reach of our collective Network Space…and advantaging the power of Chaos via that wonderful butterfly effect of course!

Join Us !

If you wish to join an adventurous new way of looking at Environmental Change, or consider some virulent new ideas and future consequences to current possibilities, and then leverage these out as potent change effectors through the combined power of your Social Networks, then you are already an ideal Environaut!

So go right ahead and Sync-Up with our signals by Joining Us (right-side) as we explore the Future of our environment through various new Reports and ongoing Missions….Many Futures await us!

Be sure to RELAY any ideas you’ve gathered
by Tweeting or SHARING via your favorite Social App:

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