Both Visitors and Environauts are welcome to use our SHARE functions and other available tools to ‘Relay’ any ideas or info they derive from our various Reporting Missions.

Recall that the butterfly effects that we create here, can certainly be amplified by the chaotic conditions of what’s shaping up to be a stormy Future out there…

So dive right in, and start reviewing any of our ongoing (or projected) Missions, by scanning for subjects that are of personal interest you, and relaying anything of value as you ad to your own greater appeals…

Join in the Relay Now!

If instead, you’d like to stay here awhile to discuss our building plans for the Relay Station, feel free to offer your comments below. To begin the quick tour, you can see we’ve put a TWITTER button and a SHARE button at the bottom of every page. The you likely have your own favoured methods, the SHARE function offers you a full (and searchable) list of all popular Social Media, Bookmarking, & Networking tools for your considerations.

As we gather more data on which Social Network tools are getting the most usage and preference, we’ll begin to optimize our own tools. We projects to provide you the best possible delivery vehicles for spreading any Environmental impressions that you wish to make down your own personal timelines, and across your own social networks, or anywhere else (for that matter) that your thoughts and derived insights might travel (or be re-relayed to) throughout CyberSpace

A Few Words About Twitter

Since we’re all hoping that Twitter evolves into the type of tool that can have more impact on the Future, we’ve made Twitter links available in order for you to first Follow Environauts, and then to RE-Tweet anything that you feel could have a future impact in your network…

By engaging yourselves in your personal interests, you generate the new energy of a unique personal view that sparks the fuel/info that we provide, and catalyzes a reaction with your own opinions. This potent and motivating energy is what you can then Relay through your own networks. Thus increasing the overall awareness for key subjects that can have an effect on critical tipping points in the formation of our Future Environments.

Be sure to “SHARE” any ideas you have by searching for your favorite Social App, or by Re-Tweeting below:

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