The Reporting Station is (always) Open

All Active Reports offer fully digested developments, groundbreaking ideas and the occasional new social meme to serve you in your personal research, and social reach. All Reports also serve as advance notice for both future Risks and perceived Rewards, which can be easily adopted, interpreted, or transduced for further Relay.

All Active Reports can either be viewed under the following Report Types,  or Submitted accordingly in the Comment Fields below.


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Visitors and Environauts alike are invited to review our Reports and Relay them at will. You can also submit New Report Proposals in the Comment Field below. This is an especcially key step in reporting any new Sightings!

‘SIGHTINGS Reports’ (SR) cover the wide unknown fringes of everything form Science to Spiritualism. If isolated sightings are confirmed, they are almost certainly developed for their full potential, and future impact.  The Sighting Report sub-categories (below) will certainly see greater Future growth as we develop this Reporting Station, but here are some categories to prime the pumps with:

  • Anomalies  (things that just don’t add up, not in a linear sense at least)
  • Natural Phenomena (the Truth will always be far stranger )
  • Distortions  (Lies, damned lies, statistics, adn other deceptions )
  • Inner Space (personal, meta-physical, spiritual, etc)
  • Near Space  ( Everything from Geological to Orbital Space)
  • Deep Space  (Cosmology and Astronomy)
  • MicroCosm  ( The Worlds Within)

Be sure to “SHARE” any ideas you have by searching for your favorite Social App, or by Re-Tweeting below:

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