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The Risks of Power

07/01/2011 Leave a comment

Everyone knows that great power demands great responsibility. Nothing demonstrates the truth of that saying more than the enormous risks behind nuclear energy. Consider that even less than a century ago it would have seemed like pure fantasy for mere humans to manipulate matter at the atomic level, much less release the awesome power of those nuclear bonds.

It’s no wonder then that the exact nature of this science would still baffle even the most tech-savvy among us. Even less surprising that it seems like a frightening and destructive threat to anyone who is unable (or perhaps just unwilling) to see past the complexities that surrounds nuclear science. For those with an anti-nuclear agenda to advance, therein lies the great power to confound and deceive, rather then grow and develop. It’s the manipulative fear that remains the greatest point of leverage in the nuclear debate.

Of course, the public image of nuclear energy has been forever tainted by one of it’s most infamous applications. As the terrible force behind the most devastating weapons ever devised by Mankind, nuclear power has to live down its military upbringing through an uphill PR battle to present safe, civilian nuclear energy. A source of power that offers a clean alternative to the toxic destruction of fossil-fueled energy that goes on all around us every moment of every day…Seemingly with a full and acceptable sanction of both the Press and the Public as somehow less dangerous than the potential risks and imagined dangers of nuclear energy.

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Eco-PR: Playing on Public Perceptions

10/12/2010 Leave a comment

So here at the tail end of History…It seems like difficult new ideas are no longer seized upon and celebrated in the face of social conformity and Fear Culture. Much like a the Scientific Method that once thrived on dissent and debate, we’re now left to average out ideas according to the will of a moral majority, and settle for the lowest common denominators as a result. Genuinely “progressive” ideas are either exploited for their shock or entertainment value, or just auto-polarized into set points of view, and then self-neutered before they can even make a significant impact. All too often the underlying potential for change held within key (or even catastrophic!) events, and the scary possibilities that lurk behind bold ideas become lost in the homogenizing presentation stream of Current Affairs, or wrapped up in dogma and diatribe of the Eco-Elite to better represent our prevailing Culture and Society in more acceptable terms. Like the Scientific Method that eschews difficult debates, our Public Perceptions about important issues are left to wither as well.

Take “Environmentalism” for example….

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Green Power

08/12/2010 Leave a comment

Save the Planet - Trust FascismAccording to whatever prevailing wisdom there is to underpin politically correct postures, there’s apparently no such thing as an “Anti-Environmentalist” who can actually act with a good social conscience. This makes it nearly impossible to offer a critical counterpoint to so-called leaders of the Green Movement and their policies, without presenting oneself as some sort of anti-social monster, or without at least self-denigrating oneself in public at the very least…If not being discredited by peers, and ostracized entirely as many climate scientists would liekly attest…If given the chance.

So even thought the Green or Ecological  Movement had clearly seized the moral high-ground decades ago, and has held it (on our behalf) ever since then, we’re now also seeing growing signs of fatigue in both the ideology and methods used by the leading factions of this movement. Signs that the old guard is starting waver, and that a modern Ecological Movement is indeed capable of evolving to meet modern challenges and opportunities. Maybe.

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A Renewable Green Movement?

30/11/2010 Leave a comment

Green MovementIn a new documentary called “What the Green Movement Got Wrong”, Mark Lynas speaks about the dawning realisation that the Green Movement that he had dedicated his life to had been backing the wrong horse. This fascinating documentary acts as a sort of confessional for Lynas and some other well-known green campaigners to own up to what they admit have been some colossal mistakes in their thinking.  The first sacred cow they wish to put out to pasteur is the forgone conclusion that nuclear energy is bad…It’s at this very point in the debate that we can choose to simply dismiss, discredit, or at least suppress any ideas that don’t follow the current ‘Green’ status quo, and thus let history continue to unfold as it has thus far…

If for whatever reason you’re already quite happy with the how the Green Movement has progressed thus far, or if you feel certain that things are going to be just fine…Then there’s no reason to click for MORE:

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