” Now is the time to take longer strides…”

Environauts are modeled after the adventurous spirit and brave ideals of all those in the early Space Programs, and seek to improve the world through daring explorations, shared understanding, and an optimized sense of predestination into unknown Futures.

Start by demonstrating how the Future can be changed… 
With just an idea…By visualizing a dream!

Imagine if you would what the late great President Kennedy might have said to the World, had he faced the grim prospect of disastrous Climate Change under the destructive effects of an old fossil-fuel based economy. One which may have been resistant to the future potential of a Hydrogen-economy and nuclear powered progress, or perhaps too steeped in the old economic models based on perpetual growth, unfettered consumption, and globalized monetary policy, deficit spending, and third world production. All powered by dirty fossil fuels from a carboniferous epoch?

Imagine what goals might have been set out to evolve those Consumptive Civilizations into more Sustainable Societies which could birth entirely new economies, and usher in an entirely new era of prosperity…If only we could approached the current dilemmas with the same spirit of wonder and enthusiasm that ushered in the Space Age!

As you consider the roles you could take in helping shape our Future Environment, while we continue to develop and refine the concept of Environauts, please feel free to either consider our growing list of Reports, or planned objectives at Missions Control, or simply revisit the Past for some more helpfull and inspiring historical lessons…

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