At one time Mankind decided that it needed to get to the Moon…
The Socio-Political forces of the day, drove Public Opinion to support this objective, and combined with great leaps in Science and Technology to make this dream a Reality.

Astronauts and Cosmonauts continue to represent the pinnacle of all the many inter-dependent and enormous achievements that first enabled them to enter into the Space Age. Huge strides in Sciences and Technology that we now take for granted, first allowed the select few to explore the possibilities that awaited all Humanity above and outside of our precious, fragile, beautiful little living World….to venture out into the cold lifeless mysteries of Space, and look back at Earth with a new perspective.

The Science and Industry for this was driven by Political and Social ideology, but nevertheless it was a shared desire that all humanity wished for, and which world leaders became intent upon achieving. Just as the Manhatten Project harnessed the awesome power of imagination, science and the Atom to end a World War with two terrifyingly horrific moments, the Apollo and Soviet Luna/Soyuz missions proved that anything is possible with enough Public will, socio-economic dedication, and political commitment.

Do these challenges and requirements for Change sound familiar?

Perhaps it’s because we’re once again faced with an enormous challenge whose final results will also resonate down through the Ages.

This time, the stakes are far greater than exploratory bragging rights, or Socio-Political dominance…This time, our daily choices and actions are being added up to define a collective Fate. Our very survival as a Species is slowly but surely being put into the balance to be judged by Nature. Of course as Humans we’ve convinced ourselves that money and Technology can fix anything. As History has shown us, the Human spirit and it’s ingenuity can indeed accomplish incredible things,

Make no mistake…Nature will certainly survive with, or without us.

The decisions we make as various Societies within a global Civilization, will decide our fate as a Species.

Become an EnVironaut and learn how you can make an actual difference.
Not just by signing petitions, or joining marches, but by actually helping shape the Future!

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