Welcome to the Future…

The ‘Future’ beckons us with challenges and opportunities…

The objective in meeting the Future isn’t to prepare select Astronauts for Space/Time travel, or to entice small investors into capitalizing the public markets with theri life savings in order to support a minority of Industrialists and Financiers in achieving even greater levels of growth. Rather the greatest modern challenge for Humans is to prepare and enable ALL concerned Citizen’s to grasp and realize the hidden possibilities that exist all around us, and to engage ourselves in reshaping our Earthly Environment for an ecologically sustainable Future, despite what this might do to to the current business models for Energy, Transport, Manufacturing, Finance, adn many other industrial sectors of the current Economy!

Environauts seek to explore these options and collectively promote and actualize the kind of Socio-Economic Growth that will assure the best possible future outcomes for all Humanity, not simply those at the tops of the current pyramid structures.

Many ‘Futures’ await us…

Which ones will we reveal and realize?

Recent findings have required Science to reconsider what were once fringe concepts in order to try and account for the radical surprises and impenetrable unknowns introduced by the discovery of Dark Matter.

Our model for the the Universe has been so radically overturned that our once widely accepted views of  Reality are no longer applicable. New ideas about the nature of Time, Cause, and Effect all strongly indicate that we can have far more collective influence on the ever evolving Future than we can currently realize! Environauts are a literary device for exploring the possibility that we can in fact see and change the Future from our Present modality…

Things are only beginning to change though, so please synchronize with our views and observations by Joining Us as we explore the increasingly astounding possibilities that abound all around!

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