What’s an Environaut?

Environauts are explorers and spokespeople for all the ideas and opportunities that exist the Present…and which can have a positive impact on the Future.

Enironauts serve to explore the Present for the many hidden signs of our Future environmental possibilities, and then offer these indicators to others as plausible scenarios which help define and realize ideal versions of our Future Environment, while also serving as advance warnings of the perceived Environmental risks contained therein.

Environauts offer us an imaginatively engaged vision of the Future by discovering the possible repercussions events and issues in the Present. Collectively, we hope to explore, map out, and share the discoveries that hold the best promises of a sustainable Future for our shared Environment.

Unlike Astronauts….Environauts don’t need to be trained pilots, educated Scientists, or specialized Technophiles in order to contribute to these objectives. You simply need to Synch-Up with us (to the right) in order that we can maintain a shared reference point as we move into the Future.

Once we’re synched, you’ll be able to monitor signals from Mission Control in search of subjects that interest you enough to become a fully fledged Environaut yourself, and serve in one of the important roles we have waiting for you.

The concept of Environauts, as a virtual fabrication, is based on the same spirit and ideals that drove the Space Race to great acheivements.  Through explorations of today’s social and scientific conditions in search of the growth factors that can create sustainable Futures, and then promoting the potential for progress held within the Present. By adopting, and sharing the ideals and spirit of the early Space Race, and then responding to our latests and greatest challenges as a Species on Earth, we can collectively discover and share solutions to our environmental dilemas through the many possibilities that Science and Society offer us here in the Present, as the Future beckons with exciting challenges, difficult choices, astounding rewards andéor perilous consequences…All while tommorowès Environment relentlelsy continues to take shape, for better or worse.

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