Mission Objectives

EnVironauts discover and promote ideas that can shape tomorrow’s Reality !

Our outlook and objectives as Environauts is modeled after Astronauts in their courage to explore uncharted and possibly hostile new frontiers in the pursuit of discovery.  Also to derive a beneficial understanding from otherwise unknown and mysterious natural phenomena which can be shared with others to benefit all Humanity.

The early Astronauts rode upon the crests of new technologies, and were driven by the Social and Political will of their Time to supersede the Red Menace, and acheive Humanities finest moments.  As a result, the early Space Programs offered us globally unified perspective on what was possible and achievable, and gave all of Humanity it’s first toehold in Space, and set paths into the Future

In the smaller quantum sense, Environauts can also promote a wider acceptance and understanding of the mysteries around us, and participate in paving small alternate paths into the Future – which others can follow via our latest modern leaps in Social Consciousness and Technology.

In our Time,  rather than benefiting from Rocketry and Semi-Electronics, Environauts instead benefit from the technologies that enable vast discovery and development of the freely available information and ideas that surround us in CyberSpace.  Environauts needn’t gain the attention of TV and Radio broadcasting to promote their Missions, but can instead leverage their ‘payload”  via our existing and free Social Networks. This exposure can then possibly spread and result in some small and critical nano-changes in our Present Time that can then support the required Social and Culteral changes in the Future that would enable (and even help motivate) the resulting Political and Industrial developments that we need to create a sustainable Future Environment for all!

Unlike the Astronauts (and Cosmonauts) of a bygone era, Environauts need not be the best Pilots of their generation, but they need to be committed to their Mission nonetheless. Luckily this requires no physical training, or rigorous preparation. All you need is a deep interest in a specific Mission Profile, and the willingness to understand your chosen ‘Payloads’. From there we are prepared to share our experience with others through various Missions, and leave small effects that can combine to shift perceptions, and thus attempt to speak to the Future through the power of your Social Network (either On or Offline).

Join us to discover the exciting new methods and technologies that exist today, on the fringes of Public Awareness, and which can change the way we all see the Future before it happens !

Click to learn how CHAOS THEORY can serve the Environmental movement!

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